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Membership Requirements

Membership in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. is confined to men 16 years and older who are practicing Roman Catholics of Irish birth or descent and who are citizens of United States of America or who have declared their intentions to become citizens of the United States of America.


For more information contact the Division President or Organizer of the Division your interested in joining.

And why would you want to become a Hibernian?

At the top of the list is the Hibernians offer you the opportunity to gather together with others of like heritage and relegion. It is that wonderful bond we Irish have and when we gather, it comes out in our song’s, stories and the crack. ( that’s “wit” for you younger guys).

In Los Angeles we pride ourselves in the promotion of our Irish heritage, by supporting and working on the key Irish activities it the Southland. The Great American Irish Fair and Music Festival. (the largest such event west of Chicago). The City of Los Angeles Civic Day (St. Patrick’s Day) Ceremonies. The St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon, the Grand St. Patrick’s Day Ball and the Annual Rose of Tralee Pageant.
In addition we sponsor the Mass at the Fair and the Annual Food for the Homeless for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank.
These activities provide our membership with great networking and social opportunities.

As a member you will receive our bi-monthly national newspaper, the Hibernian Digest with information on the AOH and Irish news.
Representation on issues of Irish-American concern.

Scholarships for members and their families. An influential voice in local, state, national and international government.

Participation in local, regional, national and international fraternal organization networking.The Hibernians are the largest Irish-American organization in the world.

An opportunity to experience Irish culture by promoting lectures, films, discussion groups.

Community involvement in socials, such as activities and programs for the entire family, dinners, dances, picnics, festivals, parties, sports and theater.

Printable Membership Applications:  Acrobat PDF form   


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